Slip into the role of an unusual HERO and
find the last letter to restore hope in a merciless world.

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Family Gamer Review Favorite Family Gamer Review Special Needs

"With a wonderful balance of platforming, word puzzle solving, and its overall look and feel, Typoman is a great game for any gaming family’s digital library."
(Family Gamer Review)

NVIDIA Accredited Partner

NVIDIA Accredited Partner




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Nintendo Insider

"Spotlighted in Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 2015's coverage, Brainseed Factory's Typoman easily distinguished itself as one of the more intriguing titles to be included in the Nindies@Home promotion."


"When the development team uses the word "innovative" to describe their concept, they certainly have the right to make such a claim."

Nintendo Enthusiast

"The implementation of letters within Typoman is ingenious and creative, and I could not be more excited to try the final version of this exclusive Wii U title when it is finally finished."


"Brainseed Factory has pieced together a fantastically atmospheric ride, filled to the brim with engaging word-jumble brainteasers and supremely tight run-and-jump mechanics."

Pocket Gamer

"As the game progresses, you'll need to figure out puns in order manipulate the environment in ever more dangerous scenarios. It's a cool idea and, by the looks of it, one that has been realised with style."

Playstation Official Magazine UK (Issue 103 12/2014)

"In just 15 minutes, the evocative wordsmith showcases numerous epiphany moments with its letters, and its three-to-four hour journey is sure to be filled with clever puzzles that'll have you reaching for the dictionary. It's a road we, Carol and Big Bird can't wait to travel down."

Nintendo Life

"There are no release date details yet, but this looks like an intriguing title that should stay on our radar."


"Innovative, charming and really bloody clever, I can't wait for Typoman to teach me about the birds and the spelling bees."


"Typoman is a moody, yet beautiful game to look at. Brainseed Factory has not disclosed much information on Typoman, but it's simple surreal premise is enough to captivate us for the short term."


"The silly nature of the puns and that fact that you can think of solutions for each puzzle from two directions - both by thinking of the words and how you can change them, and by thinking of the physical action that needs to happen - means that the risk of getting stuck decreases and on some occasions you will feel twice rewarded for clearing an obstacle."


"On top of the brilliant puzzles the game also supports fantastic visual design. All dark silhouettes and stark blacks, the game looks incredible in action. The idea is that the world has been drawn or painted on paper, and this style only helps to develop the wonderful uniquity of Typoman."


Typoman @ The TIGA Games Industry Awards 2018 @ Guildhall in London

* Finalist / Awards Nominee in 2 categories:
Visual Design
Best Puzzle Game

Typoman @ WordPlay London @ British Library, London, United Kingdom

Typoman @ GameOn 2016 @ Game Expo Litexpo, Vilnius / Lithuania

Typoman @ Pax West 2016 @ 6th Floor Booth 7208, Seattle, WA

Typoman @ gamescom 2016 @ Hall 10.1, Indie Arena Booth, Cologne

Typoman @ German Games Awards 2016 @ BMW World, Munich / Germany

Winner Beste Inszenierung (Best Scenery)

Typoman @ Screenshake 2016 @ Het Bos, Antwerp / Belgium

Typoman @ Indie Prize 2016 @ Casual Connect in Amsterdam

* Finalists Indie Prize 2016 Showcase
Typoman @ German Developer Awards @ DOCK.ONE in Cologne

* Awards Nominee in 5 categories:
Best German Game
Best Indie Game
Best Game Design
Best Console Game
Best Sound

Typoman @ Paris Gamesweek 2015 @ Nintendo Stand

Typoman @ IndieCade Festival 2015 @ Nintendo Booth

Typoman @ EGX 2015 @ Nintendo Hall 6

Typoman @ PAX Prime 2015 @ Nintendo Booth Sheraton Hotel

Typoman @ Nintendo House Party @ Gamescom 2015 @ Hall 9

Typoman @ E3 MIX 2015 in Los Angeles

* Gaming Trend's Best of E3 2015 Awards
Nominee Best Indie
Nominee Best Wii U Game
Winner Best Art Style
Typoman @ Best of Quo Vadis 2015 Show in Berlin

Winner Best of Quo Vadis 2015!
Typoman @ Game Connection America 2015 in San Francisco

* Development Awards Nominee
Best Console / PC Hardcore
Best Casual Game
Most Promising IP

Winner Best Casual Game Award!
Typoman @ (Select/Start) PLAY in Viborg, Denmark

Typoman @ Indie Megabooth @ Gamescom 2014 @ Hall 10.1